IMESD IFB# 015-Office-001

Bid Number: 
IFB# 015-Office-001
Due Date: 
Thursday, June 5, 2014
1:00 PM
Bid Type: 
Regular Bid

Bid Recap Available, please see attachments.

Notice to bidders ALL bids shall be:

  • Submitted to IMESD in a sealed envelope and delivered to:

InterMountain ESD
Attn: Caryn Appler, Director of Procurement
724 Airport Road
Pendleton, Oregon 97801

  • Received until 1:00 PM, PT (Pacific Time), June 5, 2014
  • The outside of the envelope shall be clearly marked:


  • All bids shall be clearly and distinctly typed or written with ink.  No erasures are permitted.
    • Mistakes shall be crossed out and correction typewritten or written in ink adjacent thereto and initialed in ink by the party signing the bid or a confirmed authorized representative.
    • If a response is not legible, IMESD may determine that the bid is non-responsive.
  • All bids shall be on the form furnished by InterMountain ESD, herein after referred to as IMESD, or they may be rejected by the IMESD. 
  • It shall be the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that the bid is delivered to the IMESD at the specified address above before the time and date set for bid closing as noted in the solicitation.
  • IMESD will not be responsible for bids delivered to any location other than the address listed above. Bids delivered to another address will be considered non-responsive.
  • Each bid package will consist of three or more Parts:
    1. Part A: Notice to Bidders, Bid Procedures and General Terms and Conditions (same for all bid commodities)
    2. Part B: Specifications & Special Terms and Conditions
    3. Part C: Bids Forms
      1. Signature Page
      2. Resident/non-resident bidderinformation
    4. Part D: Vendor Checklist

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