InterMountain Technology has evolved over the past several years into a regional technology service center known for its positive influence throughout the state of Oregon. We support the K-12 community and also serves public, nonprofit, and government agencies. InterMountain Technology strives to engage in creative, cost-effective solutions that align with each organization’s goals and objectives.

Customers depend on us for technology solutions customized to their specific educational and/or organizational needs. Complemented by our Instructional Technology and Communications departments, we are able to ensure that money spent on technology is put to the best use to meet objectives. We have 20 Technology Specialists with a variety of hardware and software skills needed to support end users.

The combined experience and expertise of our staff is unmatched in the region. Our team represents a wide range of technical and professional know-how and a diverse set of skills and experience. In addition, all InterMountain Technology staff are Dell-certified hardware technicians, and we are a supplier of Dell hardware procurement services and Microsoft software licensing procurement for non-profit organizations. Our analysts have a wide variety of experience and understanding of Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, Linux, Dell, HP, Internet content filtering, Barracuda filtering and NEC VoIP products.

Staff credentials are available upon request.


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