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About STEP

IMESD is committed to addressing the need for regional workforce development in Eastern Oregon by increasing awareness of computer technology career options and career patheways leading to high wage/high demand careers for high school students. Recruitment efforts to typically underserved students is a high priority. student Technology Expanded Programs will focus on sharing relevant work experience, enterprise level job skills and providing exposure to regional businesses dependent on trained technical professionals.

Program Goals

  • Create regional programs to recruit students who are interested in learning technology related skills in order to pursue high level technical careers.  Increate student enrollment in CTE programs throughout the school year not only by technology minded students but also non-traditional students.
  • Utilize students who have interned through IMESD's Student Technology Program to provide training, information, and/or involvement for participants attending future IMESD student technology programs.
  • Increase technical support options for IMESD's component school districts as identified by IMESD's Local Service Plan (LSP) as a need to increase Helpdesk support capability.  Diverse district students will be provided with technical support growth opportunities.

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